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Autor: Katarzyna Hryniuk

The author presents the problem of writing research articles in English as a foreign language by Polish scholars – specialists in linguistics and applied linguistics – for publication in Anglo-American journals. In her book she explores which aspects of the process are the most challenging for the authors and what needs they have in this area. In the light of the current higher education reform and the new requirement of publishing in international journals, this issue is particularly important. She presents the complex problem of the role of English as a global language in academic communication and the situation of scholars from Poland, a semiperiphery country, who by submitting papers to highly-ranked journals compete with the researchers from the world’s leading countries in this area. When faced with the new challenges, they need to have a highly developed competence of writing in line with the dominant Anglo-American conventions. The author describes the problem presented in the book from a geopolitical point of view and considers the process of writing in English form a social, cognitive and rhetorical perspective. She also explores in detail the core of the issue in an empirical study and tries to diagnose what steps should be undertaken in order to facilitate the publication activities of Polish scholars at the highest international level. Autorka przedstawia zagadnienie pisania artykułów naukowych w języku angielskim jako obcym przez polskich naukowców – specjalistów w dziedzinie językoznawstwa i językoznawstwa stosowanego – w celu publikowania w anglo-amerykańskich czasopismach naukowych. W swojej książce bada, jakie aspekty tego procesu stanowią dla autorów największe wyzwanie i jakie mają oni potrzeby w tym zakresie, zwłaszcza w świetle reformy szkolnictwa wyższego i stawianych przed pracownikami naukowymi nowych wymagań publikowania w czasopismach o zasięgu międzynarodowym. Prezentuje złożoną problematykę roli języka angielskiego jako globalnego w komunikacji akademickiej i sytuację naukowców polskich pochodzących z kraju półperyferyjnego, którzy, chcąc publikować w prestiżowych czasopismach, współzawodniczą z badaczami z krajów znajdujących się w światowej czołówce. W obliczu nowych wyzwań, które stoją przed nimi, dysponowanie wysoko rozwiniętą kompetencją pisania zgodnie z dominującymi w tych periodykach konwencjami anglo-amerykańskimi jest koniecznością. Autorka przedstawia poruszony w książce problem z geopolitycznego punktu widzenia oraz rozważa proces pisania w języku angielskim na płaszczyźnie społecznej, kognitywnej i retorycznej, aby następnie szczegółowo zgłębić istotę tego zagadnienia w badaniu empirycznym i zdiagnozować, jakie kroki powinny zostać podjęte, aby usprawnić działalność publikacyjną polskich badaczy na najwyższym światowym poziomie.


Autor: Mariusz Granosik Anita Gulczyńska Małgorzata Kostrzyńska Brian Littlechild

Participatory social work raises anew the issues of credibility of knowledge, processes of its creation and use, the purpose of social work, and its relationship to politics. It has given the impetus to the emergence of participatory research teams or, in the more radical viewpoints, to the gradual de-academization of both the empirical and theoretical aspects of social work.

In this book we focus on raising controversial issues to encourage debate, reflection and discussion concerning participatory social work with a special attention given to participatory research. As a collective monograph prepared by an international team of researchers, it should help social workers, social pedagogues, politicians, sociologists, policy makers, social activists, etc. from different geographic and socio-cultural contexts to develop critical reflection on implications and consequences of doing their research, practice and teaching in participatory ways.

“The book is the result of a longer discussion about Participatory Action Research (PAR) in different contexts. This book focuses on methodological and practical experiences of PAR in a more radical perspective. Not only opportunities but also pitfalls and challenges are worked out.”

Prof. Dr. Gunther Graßhoff (the book reviewer)


Autor: Katarzyna Żyminkowska Joanna Wiechoczek Małgorzata Kieżel

Customer engagement is a customer’s voluntary contribution of resources to a firm’s marketing function, extending beyond financial patronage. In other words, it is a customer behavioural manifestation toward the brand or firm that goes beyond transactions and results from motivational drivers. Customer engagement in this book refers to the engagement of individual customers, that is, consumer buyers, final consumers, or consumer end-users, either initiated by companies or the customers themselves. The authors reveal both the current practices of firms as well as their plans for customer engagement, and answer the following research questions:
1. How should the customer engagement phenomenon be defined from a managerial point of view?
2. What are the forms of customer engagement which need to be managed in business practice?
3. What are the basics of customer engagement management?
4. What are the external conditions for customer engagement management ?
5. What is the intensity of customer engagement in business practice?
6. What are the consequences of customer engagement for firms?
7. What are the firms’ efforts in managing customer engagement?

The current book advances the understanding of customer engagement as an object of management endeavours by companies in the business practice of the consumer goods and services sector and is therefore insightful for marketing academics, practitioners and students.



"This volume is respectfully dedicated to Professor Tadeusz Majda, a renowned scholar in the fields of Oriental Studies and Art History. His numerous publications attest to his preeminent scholarly standing. But it is not the high number of his books and articles that alone mark him as a true teacher and a man of knowledge. It is the position he holds among his learned colleagues; the intense interest in his works shown by his disciples and students; the respect that he has earned among the public; and his values, wisdom, and gentle sense of humour that have all made him a true scholar, one to be followed. And of course there is his admirable elegance and charm. The scholarly fields represented by Professor Majda, Oriental Studies with a special focus on Turkology and the history of Oriental Art — mainly the art of the Middle East — are disciplines which require skills in multiple languages, a knowledge of history, a love of literature, a taste for the arts, an interest in Asia and many other traits and qualities, all of which have been acquired by Professor Majda.

(from Preface by Agata Bareja-Starzyńska)"


Autor: Anna Michałowska-Mycielska

The Council of Lithuanian Jews (Lithuanian Vaad) was the central representative organ of the Jews in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It operated for nearly one and a half centuries (1623-1764), touching all spheres of the Jewish community's life. It undertook important initiatives for the benefit of its constituency at diets and dietines (legislative assemblies of the nobility), at the courts of the King and important magnates, and in non-Jewish courts of law. This book discusses the Council's activities in the context of processes and phenomena present in Jewish society of the time, illustrating the life of Lithuanian Jewry as a separate estate guided by a common sense of identity transcending local affiliation.


Autor: Marcin Brzostowski

Hot Dagger of the Spanish Temptress is a short story whose protagonist, inspector Franco Fog, known from The Vengeance of Women is supposed to solve o riddle of certain building constructor’s death. When he is just about to bring the case to a close, he meets a mysterious Spanish girl, who is skilful at throwing knives as well as practicing magic. How will it end for Franco Fog?

Cover designed by Michał Olejarski

Translated by Nina Wagner.


Autor: Marcin Brzostowski

The Mystery of Sgt Adela White is a short story whose protagonist, inspector Franco Fog, known from The Vengeance of Women and Hot Dagger of the Spanish Temptress, faces the challenge of solving the riddle of a theft of a priceless diamond ring – the main prize in the Miss Police Contest. However, when the problem finally seems to be solved, some new trials and tribulations occur. Let’s see how the meeting with


Autor: Joanna Wierszycka


Do we like phrasal verbs? Are we afraid of phrasal verbs? Who is “we”? Who is afraid of phrasal verbs? We, the learners of English. For learners of English phrasal verbs (PVs) are reportedly difficult to learn (see e.g. Darwin and Gray 1999) to the extent of being underused or avoided. Why therefore bother? The aim of this book is to verify Kamińska's (2005) study results, indicating that Polish learners of English do not avoid PVs, contrary to other English learners. Why PVs themselves? PVs are extremely common in native speech, and are therefore higly desirable by English non-natives.

Chapter by chapter, PV structure and semantics are discussed and analyses performed. Also, corpus linguistics is called for as the framework, within which the study is performed. Particular attention is paid to the Polish part of the LINDSEI corpus (Louvain International Database of Spoken English Interlanguage), as the source of linguistic evidence. Semantic analysis of the extracted PVs based on the notion of compositionality (see Celce-Murcia and Larsen-Freeman 1999; Armstrong 2004) constitutes the main part of the empirical chapter. The analysis was possible thanks to an important asset of this book, namely the POS-tagged PLINDSEI corpus. POS-tagging enabled the verification of the study by Kamińska (2005) because it automated the process of extraction making it reliable at the same time. It needs to be stressed that for spoken learner data to be POS-tagged with high accuracy, the CLAWS tagger (Garside 1987) needed to be trained. The result is a POS-tagged corpus with 98.5% accuracy. Following the findings, assumptions about the low use of phrasal verbs by learners are pointed to. In order to remedy learners' avoidance of phrasal verbs, a new way of PV presentation in popular English coursebooks is suggested.

The research questions posed are the following:

Do learners avoid PVs? In the case of avoidance, is it statistically significant?
Is the proportion of idiomatic (to non-idiomatic) PVs smaller in the learner group in comparison to the native group?
Is there an observable rising trend of idiomatic compositionality in both speaker groups?
Are there significant discrepancies in the number of phrasal verb tokens used by individual learners due to variation in exposure to the English language, defined as years studying English in a classroom situation?
Are there significant discrepancies in the number of phrasal verb tokens used by individual learners due to variation in exposure to the English language, defined as time spent in an English-speaking country?


Autor: Wojciech Filaber

„Achieve Inner Peace with Meditation: Techniques, Benefits and Inspirational Teachers” Wojciech Filaber - all through the times, all over the world, there have been seekers of the truth, many of which dedicated their lives to searching the true meaning of life. These prominent masters were aware that there is ‘’something’’ within each individual that allows to achieve a state of inner peace and contentment. Their effort and interest in allowed them to awaken to discover the true state of one’s inner being. Hours spend on mediation enabled them to release their mind from any external disturbances and concentrate on their experiences within. How to discover the true source of ones being? How one does seeks the truth about the nature of one’s own being in the world? How to access the paradigm within oneself that allows being more at peace? This position is throughout overview for those who are simply interested in the benefits meditation can offer and those who are looking for comprehensive knowledge on this topic. This book is dedicated to the most prominent meditation masters and people who are keen on reflecting on their own life. Open it and you will invite yourself to internal reflection.

This book is ideal source of information that demonstrates the benefits of meditation and how it can significantly improve the quality of one’s mental health and ultimately one’s life. Based on the combined years of experience of masters of meditation this book illustrates what mediation truly is.

The description of the author:
Wojciech Filaber first travelled to Thailand in 2004 and became interested in meditation and Buddhism. Since that journey, he has decided to concentrate on his own evolution. While studying at Middlesex University, he developed a passion in meditation and especially spiritual development. Opportunity to learn from the greatest masters of mediation allowed him to learn how to become reflexive in life and gain valuable knowledge on the topic of meditation.


Autor: Karolina Jekiełek

"The Navel Monster is a story of a newly-born and asymmetrically legged monster, which is driven by the unknown to find its master. The book accounts for the monster’s adventures and depicts its journey in which it learns the world. The book is full of funny situations as the monster does not speak, yet it understands the speech.

The story is dedicated to kids aged 6-8, although any other child or adult may take pleasure in the reading. It is a must-read to all who love adventure, mystery and humour.

Karolina Jekielek is a published English teacher, an owner of a private language institute Home Tutor. She publishes articles for Oxford Magazine on digital teaching, literacy, creativity, and XXI century skills. Karolina Jekielek is an ardent supporter of personalizing and individualizing teaching. Her writing career began in 2012 when she published her first book for English teachers. Then, she decided to meet the demands of her students, who demanded simplified readings."


A collection of essays dealing with causality, a core issue for both science and philosophy. The Reader will learn about different types of causality in complex systems and about new perspectives on this issue based on physical and cosmological considerations. In addition, the collection includes essays pertaining to the problem of causality in ancient Greek philosophy, and to the problem of God’s relation to the causal structures of nature viewed in the light of contemporary physics and cosmology.


Autor: Dominique Lambert

This book takes us from the early childhood to the last days of George Lemaîitre, the man behind the theory of the primeval atom, now better known as Big Bang theory. But who was George Lemaître? A clergyman, a genius astronomer, an audacious cosmologist, a computer enthusiast ahead of his time, a professor with his head in the clouds, a bon vivant mathematician and gourmand? Dominique Lambert's book peels away these layers, chapter by chapter, from the adventures of a boy from Charleroi (Belgium) who became Monseigneur Lemaître as well as his impact on contemporary cosmology. The reader will follow Lemaitre’s works through the course of his life, discovering along the way his involvement with the Chinese student community, his complex relationship with the Vatican, his deep devotion to the University of Louvain, his friendship with figures such as Einstein and Eddington, his adventures through the two World Wars, his travels in America, his curious interest in Molière and his deep faith lived through the ‘Amis de Jésus’. The resulting picture is of a remarkable figure who was sensitive, creative, meticulous and, paradoxically, both discreet and exuberant while also being a man of exceptional integrity who reconciled his science with his faith. More than a book on one person, this biography of Lemaître offers the key to a better understanding of the profound changes which took place in the fields of science, faith and academic life in the last century.

About the Author

Dominique Lambert holds PhD’s in Physics and Philosophy from the Université Catholique de Louvain. He is currently professor at the University of Namur (FUNDP) and a member of the Académie Royale de Belgique (Class of Sciences). His work focuses on the philosophy and history of science as well as on the relationship between sciences and theology. The director of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Namur, he also conducts research within the Namur Center for Complex Systems (naXys).



Autor: Angela Barther

Kate works in a successful company as a fashion designer. She has been dating Brian for quite a while now yet suddenly she notices Steve, her colleague from work. Is true love possible in the world of show-business? Will she find the one and who is going to satisfy her desire for passion in the end? Some say that if you strongly believe, anything can happen.

Angela Barther was born in 1984 in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1993 her family moved to Poland and then to Croatia, where she’s been living since then. She is a happy mother and wife. She runs a guesthouse on the coast of Croatia. Her passion is travelling, writing and photography. She often visits her grandparents in Poland.

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Autor: Joanna Bogusławska Agata Mioduszewska

The purpose of the book is to present culture of the English speaking countries by means of original, stimulating and diversified exercises. For teachers the book provides numerous activities suitable for students of different levels, i.e. from pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate. Among the tasks there are, for instance, role-play, quizzes, board games, crosswords, puns and discussion panels, reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking tasks. For students the book constitutes an affluent source of cultural knowledge concerning the English speaking countries allowing them to explore and enrich the language in entirely new aspects.

Joanna Bogusławska jest filologiem angielskim. Interesuje się w szczególności amerykańską odmianą języka angielskiego jako nośnikiem kultury. Od lat pracuje w szkole językowej Ambit, prowadzi też zajęcia ze studentami w Pomorskiej Wyższej Szkole Humanistycznej w Gdyni. Artykuły Joanny ukazały się w cenionym piśmie dla anglistów „The Teacher”. W wolnych chwilach czyta książki Stephena Kinga, Billa Brysona, Tennessee Williamsa, Philipa Rotha i Beatników. Ponadto słucha klasyki rocka i śledzi losy bohaterów ulubionych seriali: The Office oraz True Blood.

Agata Mioduszewska jest filologiem angielskim, nauczycielem akademickim i lektorem. Pasją Agaty jest językoznawstwo, podjęła również studia podyplomowe, aby pogłębiać swoją wiedzę z zakresu tłumaczenia. Także prywatnie Agata nie rozstaje się z językiem angielskim. Uwielbia czytać książki Billa Brysona, Terry'ego Pratchetta oraz Stephena Kinga, a także spędzać czas w towarzystwie swoich ulubionych bohaterów kultowych seriali amerykańskich.

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Autor: Br. Grimm

Imagine a tiny boy, small as a finger; that’s Tom Thumb! A woodman and his wife have been waiting long for a child and very soon a son is born to them. But as the years pass, Tom grows hardly at all! Tiny he may be, but he has the heart of a lion. Tom decides to go and help with father chop wood and this is where his adventure begins. Follow Tom’s adventures through the forest; he rides on a horse’s ear, is eaten by a cow, swallowed by a wolf as all the while he tries to foil a pair of country robbers! Certainly Tom’s diminutive size has its disadvantages, but it can also be quite useful! Will Tom outsmart the animals’ intent on eating him and robbers determined to use him for their own nefarious ends?

Proving that size does not matter, when you have intelligence and courage, Tom Thumb has delighted generations of children and adults alike.

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Autor: Hans Chrystian Andersen

Imagine a tiny little girl, no bigger than the size of a thumb! Now imagine how strange and scary the world must seem to her. Thumbelina is snatched from her home by a toad, who wished to marry her off to his son. But this is not the end of her misfortune; upon her adventures she meets beetles, a catfish, a butterfly, a mouse, a bird and many others. Some of the animals are kind and friendly, while others are decidedly less so. What will happen to poor tiny Thumbelina? Will she ever find her way home, how will she deal with various proposals of marriage, and what will she make of this enormous world and all of its many dangers? This classic tale shows us that with a big heart, anything is possible!

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Autor: Hans Chrystian Andersen

Deep beneath the ocean lay the beautiful and magical kingdom of King Neptune. He had six mermaid daughters, the youngest of whom was considered to be unsurpassed in her beauty. They lived a wonderful and carefree existence in their underwater arcadia. The world beyond was an uncertain and dangerous place and for this reason all mermaids were forbidden to travel up to the surface before their fifteenth birthday. When her time finally arrives, the Little Mermaid travels up to the surface of the ocean and there witnesses a terrible storm and the sinking of a great ship. She rescues a handsome sailor from drowning, but unbeknownst to her, he is in fact a prince. She longs to go forth into the world to be with her prince. But only with the help of a magic spell can she hope to travel to land and find her prince. But the price she must pay will indeed be high. Will she find the happiness she so desperately yearns for?

The Little Mermaid is a story of the power of love and sacrifice that has enchanted generations of children. Can love conquer all or are there some prices that are too high to pay?

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Autor: Alex Fonteyn

Adapted from the classic Polish tale, The Dragon under the Hill tells the story of an ancient principality and its inhabitants’ struggle with an uninvited and extremely unwelcome guest!

An evil fire breathing dragon decides to settle in the principality of Prince Krakus, pillaging and plundering the country! Even the prince’s knights encounter much more than they bargained for when they try to defeat the dragon. But that is not all! Worse is to come when the dragon decides that the prince’s daughter, Princess Anna, would make a very tasty meal. But help is at hand! A simple shoemaker named Jacob has a plan. He believes that the key to defeating the dragon lies not in force, but in being clever and brave. Prince Krakus is at his wit’s end and permits Jacob to implement a simple, yet daring and clever scheme.
This classic story is at once exciting and educational, demonstrating that there is more than just one way to defeat an enemy. Intelligence and brains can be just as effective as fighting and brawn.

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Autor: Br. Grimm

A wise and beautiful queen has a daughter, but sadly dies soon afterwards. The king remarries but the stepmother is a cruel and vain woman. Snow White, so called because of her beauty, is soon lovelier than her stepmother. But the stepmother cannot accept a rival and orders that Snow White be taken from the palace and killed. Managing to escape with her life, Snow White finds a cottage in the forest and ends up living with seven very unlikely housemates, seven dwarfs! Unfortunately the wicked stepmother has a talking mirror, which tells her that Snow White is still alive and still the most beautiful girl in the land. The stepmother is furious and forms deadly plans to get rid of Snow White. But the seven dwarfs may have something to say about that!

In this new adaptation of the classic fairy tale, meet the seven dwarfs, Chief, Giggler, Dreamer, Echo and the remaining three, all named Hush! Will Snow White manage to avoid the evil machinations of her stepmother and how will the seven dwarfs save her?

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Autor: Charles Perrault

A cat, smart and cunning, clever and mischievous but very helpful: he is just the sort of friend we’d all like by our sides. The youngest of three orphan brothers is left destitute after his parents’ death. But such an apparently sad situation takes a quite unexpected turn for the better when he inherits what appears at first to be a small, quite ordinary cat. But it turns out to be the greatest inheritance of all! Our cat is not only clever and brave, but he is also a talking cat! And more importantly, what he has to say proves to be wise and very shrewd! Follow the adventures of our two heroes, as together they work to impress the king, win the heart of the princess, and outwit and defeat the evil ogre, with laughs and excitement along the way!

Puss in Boots is a tale of patience, bravery and clever thinking! We see how even the most apparently hopeless situation can be rescued with some thought and smart actions. If only we could all have a puss in boots standing by our side!

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Autor: Charles Perrault

Sleeping Beauty has enchanted generations of readers, young and old alike. The king and queen have a fervent wish; to bear a son or daughter. Their wish is answered when a beautiful princess is born.
Unfortunately, at the banquet to celebrate the daughter’s birth, an evil fairy places a curse on the child, when she is fifteen she will be pricked by a spinning wheel and fall into a deep slumber. But such is the joy of the occasion that the curse is forgotten and seldom recalled as the child grows up. But indeed the evil fairy was speaking the truth, and upon her fifteenth birthday, the princess, along with the king and queen, and courtiers, fall into a deep century long sleep. But all is not as it seems and salvation may be at hand!
This version of the timeless tale will inspire and delight. Perfect for all those who wish to see good triumph over evil!

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Autor: Charles Perrault

Little Red Riding Hood is a young girl, so called because of the red cloak she wears. One day her mother asks her to take some food to her sick grandmother, who lives in a clearing in the nearby forest. On the way to her grandmother, she meets an apparently friendly wolf, and since she had many friends in the animal kingdom, sees no harm in stopping to talk with him. But the wolf is not as he appears to be! The wolf has sinister plans and Little Red Riding Hood’s sweet and trusting nature may soon prove to be her downfall.

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Autor: Br. Grimm

Hansel and Gretel is the classic tale of a brother and sister who get lost in the forest with some surprising results. After being abandoned by their wicked stepmother in the forest, the two children try to find their way home. Suddenly they stumble upon every child's dream: a cottage made of candy! But inside lives a wicked witch who she is not as nice as she at first pretends to be and has an evil plan! Can Hansel and Gretel escape from the dastardly witch and find their way home? Packed with adventure and thrills, this is one story children won't forget in a hurry!

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Autor: Charles Perrault

When her mother dies, Cinderella’s father remarries and now she lives with her new family; her father, new mother and two new wicked sisters. They are mean and unkind to Cinderella and she is treated no better than a house servant, cooking and cleaning for everyone else. One day the two sisters are invited to a great ball to be given by the king and queen. Cinderella is unfortunately excluded. Sitting sad and alone at home, she is visited by a great fairy! Her fairy godmother magically transforms Cinderella into a beautiful princess-like figure. She shall go to the ball! At the ball Cinderella is the talk of the palace, admired for her beauty and grace. Alas, as midnight approaches, she must heed the fairy’s warning and return home, but not before the king and queen have invited her to another ball the following night! Again, she is the talk of the palace and soon she and the prince are quite in love! So much so that she quite forgets the time and rushes to leave before the clock strikes midnight. But in her haste she loses one of her glass slippers.
The prince is desperate the track her down, but only has her glass slipper! But, the story doesn’t end here. Will Cinderella and her prince be reunited or will the evils sisters succeed in their meddling?

The Cinderella tale has enchanted generations of children and is a classic tale of the tussle between good and evil.

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Autor: Marcin Brzostowski

The vengeance of women is an absurd criminal story in which the main character, a brilliant inspector Franco Fog, a hedonist addicted to whiskey and women, albeit in heart always faithful to his only love – Veronica Blanca, has to investigate a mysterious disappearance of a few men. He wanders around ‘the most dangerous nooks and corners of the town’, gets help from fallen women, deals with pimps and gun-traders and disarms a group of Warsaw Nazis before he finally comes across ‘the vengeance of women’ – the vengeance of our times…

A perfect read for people with taste for surrealism and humour.

Marcin Brzostowski (1969) – a contemporary Polish writer, who comments on current issues and affairs by absurd and grotesque.



Autor: Sławomir Smyczek

Overall, author’s intention is to combine the latest theoretical concepts with up-to-date examples of consumer behavior from different markets and cultures. To create the book useful for students studding at International Business, Psychological Economy, as well Marketing and Management courses were added tasks for individual and group solved in activity table.
The book does not cover all the important problems and issues of consumption and consumer behavior on the international market. It allows, however, prepare them as full identification, presenting the importance and role that consumers on contemporary global market.



Nie wiesz, jak zabrać się do powtórki z angielskiego? Na oślep wertujesz repetytoria?
Nie możesz znaleźć w jednym miejscu wszystkich potrzebnych ćwiczeń? A może chcesz się sprawdzić? Przekonać się, w czym jesteś dobry? MEGATEST Lingo jest właśnie dla Ciebie!
To pierwszy tak uniwersalny zestaw ćwiczeń, testów i quizów gramatyczno-leksykalnych dla uczniów, maturzystów, studentów, osób przygotowujących się do egzaminów językowych, a także wszystkich chcących utrwalić i poszerzyć znajomość języka angielskiego.

Książka zawiera:

- Ćwiczenia gramatyczne i leksykalne
- Wszystkie najważniejsze zagadnienia gramatyczne
- Słownictwo ze wszystkich tematów egzaminacyjnych
- Quizy, testy, krzyżówki
- Przykładowe arkusze egzaminacyjne
- Materiał wymagany na egzaminach: matura, FCE, CAE
- Klucz do wszystkich testów i ćwiczeń

Megatest obejmuje poziomy A1, A2, i B1 oraz przygotowuje do B2 zgodnie z klasyfikacją Rady Europy.